News and Updates

October 2017

I launched a publication on Medium called Quora Insights. 

I’ve been spending time on Quora to answer questions about motivation, self-esteem, self-discipline, habits, routines and related topics. I decided to collect the best Question & Answer from each day and publish a collection.

If you’re looking for tips on these types of topics, check it out.

As I answer each question if feels like I’m advising myself as much or perhaps more than the person that asked the question. I plan to publish one post each day for a year to monitor the progress.

Hopefully, I’ll see growth, not only in the quality of the advice but in the actual implementation. In other words, can I follow my own advice?


July 2017

Launch of the YouTube channel.  These videos are an abbreviated version of the videos in the Clarity course.

Launch of the Facebook Group. Join the community in our quest for clarity.


June 2017

The Clarity Journal Course is ready for Pilot students.


April 2017

The short course: Why SMART Goals Fail and How to Fix Them is now available on Skillshare.

When you enroll in my course you’ll receive 2 free months of unlimited access to over 16,000 courses.