Why Two Journals are Needed

The Productivity Journal

This journal feeds and nourishes your logical brain. It’s all about getting work done. If you need help organizing the tasks and objectives for your day, week and month, this is the way to do it.  If you get to the end of the week and feel like you have nothing to show for your work, this is the cure.

There’s no space here to talk about your feelings, your purpose in life, or how Mom didn’t let you walk to school by yourself until you were 15. You can explore those issues in the Clarity Journal.

The Clarity Journal

The purpose of this journal is to give you the ability to start your day with an optimal mindset. Sometimes your head is full of garbage about your mother, your spouse, your finances, your boss, your weight, your roller coaster of self-confidence—you name it.

World-class athletes have a routine before a competition. This will be part of YOUR routine to get you mentally fit to tackle your day and face all the challenges head-on.



Are Two Journals Really Necessary

Yes! Each journal addresses a different need. Some people are driven by logic and analytics, others by creativity and intuition. We may have a dominant tendency, but we need to nurture both of our natures to stay in balance.

If both journal types were merged into a single volume, it would be thick as a phone book (if those still exist). Plus, if you happen to let co-workers look at the tasks you have prioritized—do you really want them flipping to the tab where you talk about your daily anxiety attack? (Well, if you do, then just leave your Clarity Journal open on your desk.)


Ready to Get Started?

Here’s a link to the Pilot Class where you can get your Clarity Journal and videos with step-by-step instructions.

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