How to Start and Keep a Journal That Changes Your Life

Everyone is raving about journals. What’s the big deal?

You just write stuff down—like a diary. So what? Why should you bother keeping a journal?

Well, that’s not my definition of a journal.

A journal is where you learn about yourself and explore your relationship to the world and how you interact, where you belong and the meaning of life.

That’s what we strive for anyway. It’s a journey.

If that sounds interesting . . .

Where Do You Start, What are the Techniques and Tips?

First, let’s take a step back to make sure you’re headed the right direction.  There are two major types of journals. Although some products try to squeeze both approaches into a single volume.

Productivity Journals

These are the journals that help you schedule hours, days, weeks and months and let your write down appointments on a calendar. Remember the original “Day Timers and Day Runners”? There are hundreds of versions and apps too.

Life Journals

These are the type help you explore personal challenges, success, failure and everything inbetween. Hundreds of them exist and go by a variety of names. I call mine the Clarity Journal.

There are two types of Life Journals.

Blank Page Approach vs Guided

Blank Page: This is the hard way. Brute force. Quitting is easy. Ask any writer, the blank page is a obstacle that must be overcome. You may spend a lot of time just staring at that page. Writing is a journal isn’t much better.

If you search for “how to journal” you’ll find lots of tips and step-by-step instructions on what to do with that damn blank page.

Guided: In this approach, the journal has preprinted pages that guide you, asking questions and giving you topics to write about and sometimes offering pithy wisdom quotes on each page. There are hundreds of versions. How do you chose?

  • Endorsed by a celebrity?
  • Best reviews on Amazon?
  • Recommended by a friend?
  • Heard about it in social media?
  • Reviewed several and made a conscious choice?
  • You like the color and design on the cover?
  • Lowest cost?

If you choose a journal that doesn’t work for you, do you try another or just say journaling is a joke and move on?

Not if you’re serious. By this I mean you’re looking for answers and you’re determined and stubborn enough to continue looking until you find it.

I created a product called The Clarity Journal. I’m not going to claim it’s the best solution for everyone. There are thousands of people that have their personal favorite and you couldn’t pay them enough money to separate them from their journals. I won’t even try.

I created The Clarity Journal because I needed one that fit my situation. I’ve been in a work-from-home mode for over a decade, first as a “telecommuter” for a corporation, then as a small business founder and lately as a solopreneur.

All three scenarios have been hard.

The hardest by a mile have been the last two, starting a small business and becoming a solopreneur.

You’re forced to be your own boss and make every decision every day. Many of those decisions are make or break. Meaning, the wrong choice can sink the biz and there’s no one to blame but yourself.

It’s brutal, a rollercoaster of highs and lows, wins and losses. It forces you to question everything. It can make you extremely bitter and resentful.

There’s only one thing under your control, and that’s how you will respond to the challenge.

There are so many versions of working from home.

  • Start-up
  • Work-from-home jobs
  • Solopreneur
  • Digital nomad
  • Mompreneur
  • MLM
  • Side hustle

My journal is ideal for these roles.

It requires you to asses your state of mind every day and reflect.

There’s also a  series of short questions that let you explore caueses and effects and how you’re going to respond to the challenges.

If you’re in a good frame of mind, then you leverage to get the most out of your day.

If you’re in a negative state of mind, you set a new course. We can’t afford too many crappy days or the ship will sink.

How is This Any Different From the Other Journals?

  • Instructions: When a guided journal asks questions, it may leave a lot to the imagination. It’s better than a blank page for sure. But, you may still find yourself looking at a question and not have any idea how to fill in the blank space. My journal comes a separate eBook that explains the process in more detail.
  • Tutorial: I also include a video training course with the purchase of your first journal. The course covers every question and provides examples and answers the most common FAQs.
  • Habits: One of the practices in The Clarity Journal is the formation of habits. Not just any habits. We focus on habits that enable you to grow and move you toward the goals you’ve set. It’s perfect for anyone working from home.
  • Updates: I provide continuous updates via my YouTube channel (free).
  • Community: We have a group on Facebook where you can interact with other users.
  • Support: I also provide personalized support. Any question you have about how to use the journal will be answered by me personally.

How Did I Come Up with the Idea for The Clarity Journal?

This journal was not created by a process of curation. Meaning, I didn’t explore every product on the market and boil it down to the best of the best. I’m not even sure how that would work or how long it would take.

This journal is the culmination of everything I’ve learned working in corporate, small business and solopreneurship. It’s been tweaked continuously with a single goal in mind.

How do I get myself into a frame of mind so I can optimize this day for the benefit of myself, my family and my business.

It’s a battle most days. The journal is a log of the success, failures and progress. It’s a survivor’s guide. It has changed my life.

It’s a simple process but not easy. It requires honesty with yourself. Maybe more honestly than you’ve ever experienced.

If you want to learn more about productivity, clarity and habit formations,  try my free 14-day challenge.

If you want to speed things up and let me show you how all this works asap, enroll in the Clarity Course here and get a 50% discount.