Q: How do I write in a journal every day, I don’t know what to write?

A: Journaling can be very hard when you start at a blank page every day. That was my main issue with traditional journaling. After a few days, what else can I say, I’m just repeating myself.

With The Clarity Journal, I don’t leave you on your own. Each page has questions for you to answer. But, if you’re in the mood, there is also an opportunity to simply write what’s on your mind.

Q. Do you provide a journal template?

A. You may purchase a digital version of the journal (PDF). It is good for one month. You can make copies of course, and use it indefinitely. It has the advantage of the ability to search for words or phrases.  And, it avoids the problem of not being about to read our own writing.

When that happens to me, I try to convince myself that my hands just can’t keep pace with my brilliant prose.

If you purchase a wire-bound journal, it has enough pages for 3 months of journaling. Some people prefer the feel of pen on paper – it makes the process more intuitive/creative.

Q. Does the journal act as therapy for anxiety, stress, or depression?

A. First, a disclaimer. This journal is not intended for anyone with clinical depression or any other mental illness or serious psychological conditions.

However, it is extremely helpful for all of us that have the everyday garden-variety of anxiety, stress, and fears, where we can benefit from some healthy self-talk. It’s really all about clarity. You’ll hear me talking about that a lot.

When we are thinking clearly, it’s amazing how all the things we thought were insurmountable obstacles are cut down to size, and we simply deal with them.

The problem is, once you fall into a doomsday pattern, you can’t think clearly of any way out. That’s why it’s essential to make clarity journaling a daily practice. You don’t want to let the process even get started.

Q. Can I use this to get motivated for work, school, or exercising?

A. The Clarity Journal can be used to improve your motivation for virtually anything. But, I suggest you keep it legal, ethical and have good intentions.

I don’t want to read any prison interviews where an inmate says, “Yeah, that clarity journal thing really helped me get the courage to rob the bank.”

But seriously, in addition to the daily journal entries, one of the absolute best ways to increase motivation is to create a habit. In my course, we talk about habits a lot. It’s like a secret superpower most of us aren’t even aware exists.

If you haven’t gone through my 14-Day Habit Challenge yet, you’ll find it here.

Q. What is the primary focus of the clarity journal?

A. The focus of The Clarity Journal is self-awareness.

We all have things we want to improve upon. It could be work, family, leisure, health or other items. Typically, we know what we should be doing—but we don’t do it.


That’s where self awareness comes into the picture. You’ll answer a series of short questions each day. Over time, you learn how to quickly identify how you’re sabotaging your own success and how to overcome the challenges.

The issues and challenges change over time. What worked last month or last year may not work today or tomorrow. But, if you’re truly self-aware, you can respond to each new situation.

Q. What does the journal or process looks like?

A. The are 3 major components.

  • The Daily Start Pages
  • The Habits Pages
  • The Affirmations Pages

You’ll spend most of the time in the Daily Start Pages.

In brief, the process could be described as follows:

  • You’ll start the day by reflecting on your state of mind
  • You’ll identify the changes needed to get into an optimal state
  • You’ll define 3 priorities for the day.
  • You’ll assess the end of each day and why it was a success or not
  • You’ll make notes on lessons learned

In essence, you’re becoming your own business and life coach.

This requires a high degree of self-awareness and objectivity that you’ll develop over time.

The course comes with an ebook that explains the process and it also includes a series of instructional videos.